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icons by kate
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11th-Feb-2005 03:43 am - 7 Tatu icons
MISC; violent sensual & sensitive
7 Tatu icons.

Please comment and credit.

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11th-Feb-2005 03:24 am - 1 Maggie, 1 Lindsay, 2 Emily, 13 MK&A
MISC; violent sensual & sensitive
As usual, please comment and credit. You may customise the textless ones.

Some of these I hate, but maybe somebody will like them.

1 Maggie Gyllenhaal
1 Lindsay Lohan
2 Emily Browning
13 Mary-Kate & Ashley


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11th-Dec-2004 12:40 pm - 8 Mary-Kate & Ashley icons
MISC; violent sensual & sensitive
Comment and credit! Feel free to ask about bases and customisations! :)

- 3 Ashley
- 5 MK&A

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8 & 7 - came first at mka_challenge
6 - came second at mka_challenge
MISC; violent sensual & sensitive
Please comment and credit! I have the bases of most of these, so if you'd like them, just ask. If you want to request one of these icons but with different text, ask me about that too. And if you want to see a tutorial for any of these, please tell me! I'm thinking of writing a full icon tutorial but I don't know which one to do it for.

Big thankyou to Lyrique, where I found most of the text for these icons.

26 icons:
- 7 Christina Ricci
- 13 Maggie Gyllenhaal (including one maggie & jake)
- 6 Paris Hilton

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PS - Lindsay Lohan icons coming soon! :)
MISC; violent sensual & sensitive
Please comment and credit! :)

1 Lindsay Lohan
6 Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen (+5 textless)
2 Final Fantasy VIII
3 Final Fantasy X-2


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8th-Nov-2004 12:02 pm - 9 Yuri Anime
MISC; violent sensual & sensitive
9 yuri icons, all anime and taken from pics at yuri_daily.

Please be aware that this post contains yuri (girl on girl), although there isn't anything more than kissing.

- Please credit either moogle__ or sparklypixels.
- You may customise any of them, or ask me to.
- I have all the bases of these saved, so feel free to ask me for any of them (but credit me when you use them). I will customise any of the bases for these for you, if you wish.
- Don't claim as your own!

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31st-Oct-2004 04:40 pm - 6 t.A.T.u icons
MISC; violent sensual & sensitive
Six t.A.T.u icons - please comment and credit.


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31st-Oct-2004 03:37 pm(no subject)
MISC; violent sensual & sensitive
There'll be some Pieces of April icons coming soon!

But I need some help. I'm running out of good lyrics for icons! Please suggest some songs to me - I'm not promising I'll be able to use them, but hopefully they'll be inspirational! At the moment, I need some good songs about crying.

MISC; violent sensual & sensitive
Some more contest icons, this time celebrities.

Please comment and credit!

3 Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen
1 Ashlee Simpson
3 Lindsay Lohan


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